The Creeks On KirkLevington Apartment Playground

The Creeks on KirkLevington Apartment Playground is strategically located among the mesh of grid-like meandering roads of the wide swath of apartment complexes in Lexington, a few miles south of the University of Kentucky. 

It’s a pretty exciting area in terms of geography, travel, tourism and exploration. Lexington is surrounded by national forests in two states: the Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky, the Wayne National Forest in Ohio, and the Shawnee National Forest on the far westside. The Creeks on KirkLevington Apartment Playground is almost at the center of the southern part of Lexington, almost equidistant from the various major urban centers around. 

If you’re coming from Knoxville in the south, take the Interstate Highway 75 heading north. You’ll be passing through part of the Daniel Boone National Forest. At the Arlington interchange, turn immediate left at the Dr. Robert R. Martin Bypass until you reach the corner ofS. Keeneland Drive.

Turn left at S. Keeneland Drive and turn right upon reaching Tates Creek Road. It’s going to be quite a long drive to the north passing through a panorama of verdant green hills and wide open spaces, farms and communities but Tates Creek Road will lead you towards the wide swath of urban apartment communities after George Knight Stables. Proceed ahead and then turn left at Kirklevington Drive just before the E New Circle Road overpass and interchange. 

The Creeks on KirkLevington Apartment Playground may be found in the clusters of apartments of the four meandering blocks found within the area bounded by Kirklevington Drive and Macadam Drive. Each block has a space designated for playground. Children can play safely at the playground. 

At the well kept wide yard of an apartment row you will find an amenity that encourages friendship, participation and relaxation. The Creeks on KirkLevington Apartment Playground is a designated area in the midst of a wide open grass carpeted quarter of a specific apartment block.

In the midst of the backdrop of green surroundings composed of tall and healthy trees, plants and flowers, and a well-paved green grass carpet covering the front and back yards, the Creeks on KirkLevington Apartment Playground apartment express a pleasant color of white walls and light brown bricks that exude an atmosphere of homeliness. 

The Creeks on KirkLevington Apartment Playground takes the ennui off the indoor apartment living and enriches the way of life at the apartment where you and your children can just walk or run free in the outdoors. With a secure community, the residents’ privacy is absolutely assured in terms of making out their outdoor activities. You can visit site :


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